Milwaukee exterior inspections

There are too many factors of your new property to leave to just any inspector—hire the team that will thoroughly inspect your property's exterior and give you an honest estimate on the damages. 

Good Land Inspections reviews every aspect of your home, apartment complex, or commercial property exterior: chimneys, siding, roofs, decks and everywhere else.

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What we look for


It’s absolutely critical to have a stable roof over your head—but we don’t have to tell you that. If you’re having doubts on the structure of your home or apartment, contact Good Land Inspections to answer your questions and send a team out there to review your roof for:

  • Damages caused by storms & debris
  • Unusual damages (outside of the normal wear & tear)
  • Leaks
  • Damages from repair or installation
  • Environmental growth that could cause permanent damage

And more! Every roof is unique and needs an expert to thoroughly go through every nook & cranny to ensure that no damages are left unresolved.


Good Land experts recommend that you have your roof inspected based on the material it’s made of.

Composite shingle, wood shingle and asphalt roofs should be inspected every three years, or when there are visible abnormalities—if there’s water in your attic, give us a call immediately.

Tile roofs should be inspected every five years.


Own an apartment complex? Maybe the roof of your business or outlet is starting to show its age—either way, you can trust Good Land Inspectors to come through and give you the honest answer on damages.


Ensure that your outdoor paradise is structurally capable of handling the fun this summer. Our team of inspectors goes through every aspect of your outdoor space to look for:

  • Rust spots or rotting wood
  • Unstable railings & stairs
  • Mold & mildew signs
  • Cracks
  • Loose floors or deck boards
  • Boring insects damages

And any potential hazards unique to your porch, balcony, or deck. Old apartment complex balconies should be inspected every few years to ensure new tenants are safe, while home outdoor spaces should be looked at every year or two. This is especially true for Wisconsin properties: the weather can be extreme and your outdoor space will pay the price.


A siding inspection checklist is unique to your property—don’t trust your homes safety to someone who just looks for things the paper tells them to. At Good Land, our inspectors are guided by teams of veteran realtors and years of experience so they know which boxes to check and where else to look to ensure your siding is damage free. We look for:

  • Weather damage to siding
  • Unusual damages from impacts (we know how kids can be)
  • Traces of animals or insects trying to burrow
  • Cracks in the foundation or base brick of your property
  • Peeling siding, exposed damages, chips, cracks and more—all types
    • Vinyl siding
    • Brick siding
    • Wood siding
    • Metal siding
    • Composite siting

Our inspections are thorough so you get the best estimate on repairs—and nothing less.

Contact our inspectors for more information on our exterior services; or, schedule your appointment right now!

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