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Together with our team of licensed property inspectors, we provide Milwaukee area properties with comprehensive home inspection services they can rely on. We're Wisconsin homeowners — we know what it’s like to buy a home in your neighborhood, and we know the unique problems many homes face due to weather, history, and geographic location. A beautifully finished home could be hiding some serious structural damage: stay informed with experienced inspectors in your back pocket. From consultation to your final report, our staff guides you through what you need to know to keep your property living up to your expectations.

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The home inspectors of Wisconsin’s own good land—Milwaukee. We inspect homes and businesses throughout southeast Wisconsin for property defects, mold, radon levels, and much more. Good Land Inspections extends our certified inspectors and veteran realtors to Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, and Racine County properties as well. 

With decades of professional experience, a long list of satisfied property owners, and extensive warranties to back up the work, Good Land Inspection is the right company for your property. 

Did you know your city, village, or town has a unique set of codes and regulations for each type of building? Southeast Wisconsin homes may be susceptible to different regulations depending on a variety of factors, so get yourself an inspector who knows them all. We employ certified, experienced Wisconsin home inspectors who know exactly the problems that could save you money in the future and protect your investment.

Better yet, we employ those with real estate background who know the ins and outs of properties better than any other industry. Our team brings you the most detailed report, tips & advice to save you money, with real, honest answers the whole way. Get in contact with our qualified Wisconsin property inspectors for more information on how to save you money.


Good Land for Milwaukee

Good Land Inspections for Milwaukee-area homes, it is our namesake after-all. We've helped local property owners in:

Hales Corners



   Oak Creek    

South Milwaukee


     St. Francis     

     West Allis      



 Whitefish Bay 

And many more—contact Good Land Inspection today for a Milwaukee property inspection quote. We service new homes, construction inspections, commercial buildings, and more within the city and surrounding suburbs. Milwaukee-area homes can be trouble: make sure you have the experts in your back pocket.





Waukesha county home inspectorProperty Inspections in Waukesha County

Our decades of experience have given us an eye for both residential and commercial building inspections. We’ve encountered many properties in Waukesha County cities, including:

  Big Bend  

New Berlin


 Elm Grove 






Get in touch with Good Land 
for Waukesha home inspection pricing. We also offer radon testing as an add-on to your inspection; as well as mold & mildew mitigation to ensure your property is as safe as it can be. Whether you're building a new home in Waukesha or restoring an old property to its glory days, get a quality inspection from the people that know it best: Good Land. 

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Inspections in Racine County Racine county home inspector

We’re not limited to your typical home inspection—we’ve been conducting mold inspection for homes and businesses and radon mitigation for properties in Racine county cities, including:


Mount Pleasant




  North Bay  

Union Grove

Consult with inspectors at Good Land today to go over your property inspection needs—or schedule an appointment online through our inspection appointment calendar. Our inspection staff test for safe radon levels and for mold & mildew signs to ensure your home or business is as safe as possible. We work with you to perform the inspection you need (new construction, new home, renovation, commercial inspections, mold testing +) so you get the information you need to move forward and remain in budget the whole time. 




Cost of Home Inspection in Wisconsin

Every home is different—newer homes may take less inquiry, while those older homes in certain areas of Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Racine may take extended inspection to ensure safety, quality, and fairness. Consult with Wisconsin home and commercial building inspector to get an immediate inspection estimate.

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Radon & Lead Testing

Wisconsin properties are at risk of exposure to radon poisoning which could be hazardous to health. Ensure your employees, family, or tenants are safe with a comprehensive radon testing from Good Land. We offer initial testing and further mitigation if harmful traces are found on your property. We’ve seen our fair share of radon-ridden homes in Wisconsin—and the effects it can have on the people who stay there. Schedule your appointment today to get the best radon mitigation service in Wisconsin.

Mold& Mildew Mitigation

Mold can spread fast, ensure your home or business is safe by scheduling an appointment with the inspection experts who know what to look for. Schedule same day appointments with Good Land Inspectors for immediate attention or learn more about mold inspections in your area.


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